“Woke Actress Makes Controversial Statement: Says She ‘Can’t Live’ in America If…”

“Woke Actress Helps make Controversial Assertion: States She ‘Can’t Live’ in America If…”

As the 2024 election looms nearer, previous President Donald Trump appears to have soIidified his posture as the frontrunner on the Republican aspect of the contest.

Despite ongoing attempts from the left, Trump’s level of popularity and poll numbers have surged, specially among minorities, posing a major problem for Democrats.
Incumbent President Joe Biden faces competition from 3rd-social gathering applicant Robert Kennedy Jr., and there are widespread rumors about likely repIacements for Biden on the Democratic ticket. Issues about Biden’s age and declining mental state persist, coupled with a deficiency of powerful contenders inside the Democratic Social gathering.

Speculation has swirled all over California Governor Gavin Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris as potential candidates, while each are perceived as underperforming. Except if an surprising bid emerges from figures like Michelle Obama, the Democratic Social gathering faces restricted options.

This sets the phase for a possible showdown concerning Biden and Trump in 2024. Anticipating a worst-situation circumstance for Democrats, with Trump securing an additional expression, some Hollywood stars have already started discussing the possibiIity of leaving the region.

Notably, in 2016, many Hollywood liberals vowed to go away the state if Trump received, but none adopted by. Even so, equivalent threats have resurfaced for the 2024 election.

Barbara Streisand not long ago reiterated her intention to leave the nation if Trump were to earn once more. In the course of an job interview endorsing her autobiography, Streisand stated, ‘I will go. I cannot dwell in this country if he grew to become president.’ Even so, irrespective of whether this sort of guarantees will materiaIize remains to be observed.”

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