One man’s story, showing us happiness comes from real love

I swiftly changed the subject after merely stating that I am a worker.” I chose not to disclose my profession to my children because I didn’t want them to feel guilty or ashamed of me. I constantly made an effort to dodge their questions and provided evasive responses.

“So that my family wouldn’t wonder about or suspect what I did during the day, I took showers in public restrooms. I considered my daughters’ education essential and wanted them to put their studies before me.”

“I want my daughters to be valued by other people and not looked down upon as I did. I want them to live happier lives than I did. Because of this, I’m committed to ensuring they receive the education they need and the opportunities they deserve.”


“I chose to buy books for my daughters instead of new clothes with my money. All I sought in exchange was for them to respect me. I had a cleaning job. Before my daughter’s college application deadline, I lacked the funds she would have needed.”

“That day, I felt terrible. I was unable to work and earn money. Thus I was unable to provide for my daughter’s college expenses. I was trying to hold back my tears, but I was hurting.

Everyone in the workplace looked at me, but no one came over to see how I was doing or if I needed anything. When I got home, all I could think about was my daughter asking me about the money for her college application. I was at a loss for words with her. I was ashamed because I couldn’t give my kids what they needed.”

I formerly believed that those who earn little money could never be happy or enjoy anything excellent. One day after work, something very unanticipated happened.

All my coworkers arrived and sat next to me, offering me a share of their daily earnings. I attempted to object, but before I could even finish, they said that our kids need to attend college for them to live better lives than we do.

“Their thoughtful act struck my heart. After that day, I decided to stop using public facilities for showers and start wearing my work clothes when I got home. My child, who has already completed school, won’t allow me to continue working. The other three girls pay for their education while my oldest daughter works.”

My eldest daughter always drives me to work, and she also delivers lunch to work every day for my coworkers and me. They once questioned her about her motivations.

She responded that she would always appreciate that they all tried to help her one day to support her college expenses so that she could have a better life. All of my children have made me very proud. Because I have such great children, I no longer feel poor.”

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