I Saw My Daughter Crying with My Ex-husband’s New Wife Laughing Nearby before Realizing What Really Happened

When Laura goes to pick her daughter up from her Dad’s, she hears a piercing scream ring via the air. She entered a scene wherever her daughter was on the floor, and Katie, her stepmother, was standing above her, keeping a broom. What has Laura walked into?

My husband, Noah, and I divorced a lengthy time in the past. Now, he is married to his new wife, Katie. We share a daughter, Lexie, so we’re nonetheless on excellent conditions — making an attempt to give her a childhood without drama.

The ebb and flow of co-parenting with my ex-husband had become a familiar rhythm — 1 week with me, followed by one particular week with him. To my aid, Katie experienced seamlessly woven herself into our daughter’s lifetime. Though a twinge of discomfort lingered, I recognized her profound effects on our child’s very well-being.

Child drawing on a box | Source: Pexels

Boy or girl drawing on a box | Source: Pexels

“Katie is going to be a next mom to Lex,” Noah claimed a single day as he dropped our tiny female off. “But she’s not a replacement mom.”

I was ok with it. I’d relatively have Katie, who beloved Noah and Lexie, in our life than anyone who just desired Noah and absolutely nothing to do with his family.

In any case, as Friday rolled all around, signifying the stop of Lexie’s 7 days with Noah, I was completely ready to decide on her up.

Approaching the front door, I organized for the customary trade of politeness, with Katie telling me about whichever recipe of mine she experimented with. I have to hand it to her, Katie is a wonderful cook, and she tries to prepare dinner my recipes occasionally so Lexie can have “home food” when she’s there.

Do not get me wrong, I’m still uncomfortable close to Katie, and changing to getting her in my daughter’s everyday living has been tricky, but we’re carrying out our finest to make factors straightforward on Lexie.

Going for walks up the entrance porch, deep in considered, I seen that the doorway was marginally ajar and pushed it open even more.

Woman cooking in kitchen | Source: Unsplash

Lady cooking in kitchen | Source: Unsplash

“Hello?” I referred to as out.

But a piercing scream ran by the property just before I could say something else.

Lexie’s scream. I realized it instantaneously.

Worry grabbed a hold of me, propelling me inside of devoid of a next imagined.

immediately after speeding by the household, I observed myself in the kitchen exactly where Katie stood, looming with a broom over my daughter.

“Lexie?” I questioned, not sure of what I was viewing. “What in the world is likely on?!”

My first response was to lash out at Katie, accusing her of harming my little one — the scene had been ideal there in advance of me. My daughter was on the floor, searching like she had been flung there, and her stepmother standing previously mentioned her, keeping a broom.

But just as the text fashioned on my lips, my gaze shifted to a sudden scurry of little toes in the corner of the area.

Person holding a broom | Source: Pexels

Individual keeping a broom | Source: Pexels

“It’s a rat!” Katie exclaimed, her eyes centered on the bin. “Lexie, leap up!”

Lexie sprung from the floor on to a chair.

“Mom!” Lexie shouted. “Hit it!”

Katie threw the growth to me whilst she grabbed a mop from following to the place she was standing.

“Damn it,” I stated, chuckling.

“I experimented with to shoo it absent,” Katie mentioned. “But then, Lexie tripped and fell due to the fact it ran above her shoe.”

“It went nuts!!” Lexie explained from the chair. “It just jumped onto my foot in the residing area and then ran into the kitchen.”

“Okay, let’s just get it out of here,” I mentioned, seeking to disguise my sheepish grin.

I opened the kitchen doorway to the back again porch, and following a handful of minutes of silence and light shooing, the rat promptly took himself exterior.

Rat nibbling at seeds | Source: Pixabay

Rat nibbling at seeds | Source: Pixabay

“Come on, honey,” Katie stated to Lexie, featuring her a hand as Lexie jumped down.

“I’ll get an exterminator to appear about tomorrow and test out the home,” Katie told me, hunting embarrassed. “But I’ll go away some mousetraps all-around later.”

I was nonetheless shaking the thought that Katie may possibly have harm my child. I must have known that she wouldn’t do nearly anything to hurt Lexie — she was “our” little one, immediately after all.

“I’m sorry,” Katie claimed, as if she could read through my mind. “That was a little bit of a scene to stroll into.”

“It’s good,” I replied, my preliminary anger evaporating. “I just… I’m sorry, Katie. I just jumped the gun and considered that you were attacking her.”

Katie shook her head and put her hand on my arm.

Mousetrap with cheese | Source: Pixabay

Mousetrap with cheese | Source: Pixabay

“I would in no way do that,” she said. “I consider I was more concerned of it than she was.”

We stood in the raveled residing area, the aftermath of the skirmish obvious.

“Come on,” Katie said. “Let’s have some tea in advance of you go.”

We sat at the dining desk soon after Lexie ensured the rodent was not hiding beneath the table.

I viewed Katie transfer efficiently all around the kitchen, earning tea and using a pie out of the fridge.

“I under no circumstances assumed I’d have to battle a rat in my personal dwelling,” Katie claimed, a genuine smile breaking through.

“Yeah, perfectly, we can include that to the list of points we never expected,” I replied, the pressure of previously entirely replaced by a newfound connection.

I watched how Katie guarded Lexie — even if it was from a rat. And I understood every little thing was all right. Katie would continue to keep my kid protected when I was not all around.

Cup of tea | Source: Unsplash

Cup of tea | Source: Unsplash

The afternoon unfolded with us sitting at the desk, sipping tea, and sharing tales about our childhood fears. I figured it was essential for Lexie to see that in spite of almost everything, Katie and I have been on very good terms. That Lexie could have a stable family members life even nevertheless her Father and I have been no extended together.

I was grateful that I had retained my cool when I walked into Noah and Katie’s residence. Admittedly, Lexie’s scream experienced elicited a hugely maternal reaction from me, and I would have lashed out at Katie experienced I not taken a moment to see the circumstance for what it was — a amusing come across.

Peanut butter and jelly pie | Source: Unsplash

Peanut butter and jelly pie | Source: Unsplash

Has everything related took place to you when co-parenting your little ones?

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