Forgotten Gems – USA News

Obtaining a beverage coaster is a popular sight in American properties. They not only shield home furnishings but also add a touch of beauty with their artwork and scenic patterns. However, did you know that there was a time when vintage home furnishings coasters were being all the rage? These distinctive and functional antiques served a different reason and it’s fascinating to find out their concealed natural beauty.


Uncovering Hidden Treasures
Thanks to the internet and social media platforms, we now have the privilege of peeking into people’s basements and attics to uncover forgotten gems. Vintage home furnishings coasters are one particular these treasure that deserves a spotlight. These coasters ended up not just about aesthetics, they had been created to guard furnishings by distributing weight evenly and protecting against scratches caused by shifting home furnishings.


These classic household furniture coasters were crafted with precision and treatment. Made principally from glass, they were adorned with intricate designs. Some featured delicately etched glass, even though many others showcased vibrant colours and styles. These items of craftsmanship not only served their purpose but also extra a touch of magnificence to any area.

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